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PCBL, a part of USD 2500 million (or 2.5 billion) RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, has a business of USD 500 million and four strategically located state-of-the-art plants at Durgapur, Palej, Cochin and Mundra. PCBL today is India's largest and globally seventh largest carbon black producer.

Set up in collaboration with a US company Phillips Petroleum, PCBL started production in December 1962 using the oil furnace technology. This technology was the most widely accepted manufacturing process of carbon black, patented by its then collaborator and world carbon black leader, Phillips Petroleum Company, USA.

In the late 80s, the Company entered into a technical agreement with Columbian Chemicals Company, USA, and updated its technology in order to gain flexibility, better product range, production capacity and energy conservation. Though the collaboration ended after a fruitful relationship, PCBL continued to make considerable progress by making continued and sustained efforts through its technologists, engineers and R&D Activities.

PCBL had started production with 14,000 metric tonnes (MT) of carbon black at Durgapur and currently, it has a production capacity of 4,72,000 MT per annum in India along with green power capacity of 76 Megawatts (MW), and involves a dedicated capacity of Specialty Blacks of 40,000 MTPA at Palej.

PCBL provides a complete portfolio of products to meet the specific end requirements across Rubber, Plastics, Coatings, Inks and other niche industries globally. The Company has been continuously reinventing itself in order to make the best in class products. Additionally, PCBL's after sales service and strong technical support ensures a fiercely loyal base of tyre, non-tyre and non-rubber customers from around the world. PCBL has etched its global footprints and has a market presence in more than 30 nations with decanting stations, warehouses located near customer locations.

PCBL has redefined its business by establishing captive power plants at each factory from the off-gas or waste product from the carbon black manufacturing process thus creating a sustainable green movement. The gas, a by-product of carbon black production, is harnessed for generating electricity at the Company's Captive Power Plants (CPP), at Baroda, Durgapur, Mundra and Kochi. That is why PCBL is the first carbon black company in the world to receive carbon credits. The Company has heavily cut down on carbon and gas emission, and serves green power to Large Private industrial units and State Electricity utilities.

With four strategically located plants, PCBL's footprint spans across India and overseas. Wherever PCBL goes, the Company becomes an integral part of the social eco-system. PCBL's more than 50 years' journey to be the cleanest carbon black company is the result of meticulous planning and committed execution.